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Develop your presentation, presence and performance.

Reach your full business potential with Business Presence.

Presentation Training

Business Presence offers highly personalized presentation training for executives and company spokespeople presenting internally or externally, on stage or in-meetings.


I’m a better communicator, and, as a result, a better professional.


The results of Marianne’s coaching reach off the screen and into the rest of my professional life. She coached into me a higher level of articulateness and clarity of conversation. This, I believe, now turns up in my live keynotes, training sessions, and even sales conversations. 



CEO, Group Harmonics, Inc.

Business Presence provides a range of services to enhance and develop your professional presence and performance. From on-camera prep to honing in your messaging, we can help. 


Marianne is a force of nature, who is made for this work. 

The results of our work have been completely tangible–within 6 months in the new role, I secured a promotion, pay rise, bonus and increased responsibility. I attribute this success largely to Marianne because she forced me to write down a promotion action plan during week two of the new job, which was the last thing on my mind at the time. Marianne then held me accountable to that plan. I intend to work with Marianne on and off for the rest of my career and I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone who values investing in themselves, no matter their life or career stage.



Senior Payments Strategist at Silicon Valley Bank

Develop Your Presence

Reach your full potential now


Media Training

Business Presence offers media spokesperson training for senior executives, PR and Comms teams preparing for print/online, audio or on-camera interviews.


You helped instill not just good tactics and advice but also confidence.

My sincere thanks to Marianne and Marilyn for all your help preparing for my 60 Minutes interview. I couldn’t have done it without both of you. 



President & Chief People Officer, Salesforce

Personal Branding

Personalized coaching to help executives and high potentials looking for career advancement to focus on developing their personal brand, from the outside in, and the inside out.


Business Presence made uplifting my image as easy as conceivably possible.

The result was a triumph. I got an outstanding new wardrobe, hairstyle, and pictures to use everywhere I needed them. Shortly after this process was complete my manager pulled me aside and complimented me on the way I had been showing up. In short order I received a promotion and significant raise.



Technical Operations Coordinator


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Our Team

Our Team

Marianne Wilman, 
Founder & Communications Coach

Marianne has combined her passions for professional development and effective communications to bring her vision for Business Presence to life. With her 20-year career in film, television and digital media and her six-years as a certified coach with credentials in business and neuroscience coaching, Marianne offers customized experiences to inspire clients to reach their full potential at work. Marianne has coached executives, leaders and managers to develop skills and inner confidence in their presentations and performance. Marianne brings a broad range of experiences to Business Presence, having worked as a producer, manager, business owner, entrepreneur and consultant. Marianne is also a Master Certified Coach (MCC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Marilyn Pittman,
Voice & Presentation Coach

Marilyn is a performer who coaches performance; a writer/journalist who develops content; and, a dynamic presence in everything she does whether it’s training, consulting, or narration, or stand-up comedy. Marilyn is a guest lecturer in voice at UC Berkeley’s Journalism School, the top talent/creative consultant to NPR stations nationally, and for the last 20-years she’s coached Silicon valley CEOs, CFOs, and VPs. She is adept at helping her clients become better public speakers–with what they say and how they say it–refining the content of their presentations and speaking skills to compete on the world stage.

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