Be Ready for Speaking at SXSW

If your company is presenting at SXSW 2017 you’ll want the speakers representing your company and your products to be their very best. The bigger the opportunity, the more support and preparation your speakers will need to be successful in communicating their message.

Whether they’re presenting or taking part on a panel, your speakers need to be comfortable with their content, confident in their presentation abilities, aware of their verbal and nonverbal communication and have their wardrobe dialed in so audiences will be focused on what they’re saying, not on what they’re wearing. And, they’ll need a professional headshot for programming materials.

At Business Presence we prepare our clients to speak at important events through our four core competencies: voice & presentation coaching, professional development coaching, image consulting and professional headshots.

We’ll help you:

  • Refine your content to make it clear, concise and jargon-free
  • Develop vocal tools and self awareness
  • Learn cutting edge presentation techniques
  • Gain confidence and presence
  • Choose your outfit with the help of a stylist
  • Be comfortable and authentic during your headshot photoshoot

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Developing Presence: At Work, On Stage, Everyday

We make an impression each time we attend a meeting, join a conference call, meet with internal and external stakeholders, or get up in front of an audience. Connecting with others in a positive way is core to building relationships, advancing projects, ideas and causes, and ultimately to our own success. Developing presence helps to define and control the way we come across and impacts the way others will think of us.

At Business Presence we believe that ‘presence’ comes from both the inside, and the outside. When we’re skilled in our verbal and nonverbal communications we project confidence. When we’re connected to our core values and purpose we’re coming from a place of passion and aliveness. And when our appearance is authentic and dialed in, others are focused on what we’re saying not on how we look.

We use improvisation techniques, a vocal dynamics tool kit, as well as individual coaching and image consulting, to connect you with the best of who you already are and to take you to your personal next level.


  • Understand and score your current level of presence
  • Uncover blind spots and areas for development
  • Learn tools to help you become a better listener
  • Develop better vocal dynamics and range
  • Create a new vision for yourself based on core values and purpose
  • Claim your natural presence and connect authentically
  • Have a one-on-one consultation with a wardrobe stylist and hair & make up professional

Use Cases:

  • Communicate more effectively with teams, peers and senior leaders
  • Create more self-awareness and discover blind spots
  • Make a better first impression and improve relationships
  • Actively develop your skillset, confidence and presence


  • Up to 12 people for 1 day
  • Can be customized for individuals or different groups at different stages of their careers such as engineers, women, managers, individual contributors, company spokespeople.

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Talk Better Biz™: Refining Your Brand Within the Company

You know you could be better at communicating with your teams. But you’re not quite sure what to change or how to be more clear, concise and effective. Maybe your boss thinks you could improve your communication or maybe you’ve got a colleague who keeps you down. We help top executives get their promotions by addressing roadblocks and weaknesses with techniques and best practices for improving their brand.

Learn to:

  • Master your content
  • Be concise and succinct
  • Edit on the fly: Know when to stop talking
  • Identify habits to break and habits to keep
  • Manage meetings with authority and warmth
  • Use words that inspire, entertain, and motivate
  • Manage interruptions, personalities, group dynamics


  • 1:1 up to 2 hours
  • Up to 5 people for a ½ day
  • Up to 10 people for a full day

Learn to talk better biz™ ! 


Overcome Valley Girl, Vocal Fry, and Upspeak: Helping Women Find A More Powerful Voice

Women may not be aware of how their voices may be holding them back. But how we sound has a lot to do with how we’re perceived. Powerful or whiny? Clear and crisp or muddy and tentative? Are you asking questions or are you stating the facts? We help executives and media presenters ‘power through’ their vocal weaknesses and develop a better arsenal of techniques for moving their careers forward.

Learn to:

  • Develop your ear to identify the bad habits
  • Break the bad habits with new techniques
  • Breathe and project so you command attention
  • Expand your vocal dynamics and range
  • Move forward with new confidence


  • 1:1 up to 2 hours
  • Up to 10 people for a ½ day

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On-Camera and On-Mic Presence: Tools for Becoming A Better Performer

Whether you’re an executive making a media appearance, a spokesperson for your company or product, or you’re hosting a video or podcast, you’ll need to polish your skill set and tune in to a stronger presence. We help executives, content producers and spokespeople become more dynamic, succinct and inspiring.


  • Visual Performance–facial expression, gesture, movement, and appearance
  • Vocal Performance–vocal dynamics, projection, articulation
  • Hostiness™–what makes a great host of any segment, show or event
  • Brand awareness and consistent messaging
  • The environment of stage, cameras, microphones, and lights


  • 1:1 up to 2 hours
  • Up to 5 people for a ½ day

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