Stefanie Schwartz

Stefanie is a photographer, specializing in portraits, documentary and photojournalism. She creates an easy atmosphere in which to connect with and capture the essence of her clients. Recently, Stefanie has been exploring art in nature through studies and field work in biomimicry.

Stefanie worked for more than 20 years as a motion graphics designer and art director in television, documentaries and commercials. Her work has been exhibited in solo and juried group shows, museums and galleries. Stefanie has a BFA in Photography from Syracuse University, and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Television Design. Stefanie has lived in New York, London, San Francisco and LA.

My shoot with Business Presence was immensely professional and surprising. From needing to come up with three words to describe the effect of the ultimate shots to the meticulous preparation of custom backgrounds, the team worked hard to create something completely geared to my needs and personality. I’m now using different images for different purposes because each manages to capture something that’s specific for that purpose.
Chris Matyszczyk, President, Howard Raucous LLC