Marilyn Pittman

Marilyn is a performer who coaches performance; a writer/journalist who develops content; and, a dynamic presence in everything she does whether it’s training, consulting, or narration, or stand-up comedy.

She is a guest lecturer in voice at UC Berkeley’s Journalism School, the top talent/creative consultant to NPR stations nationally, and for the last 20 years she’s coached Silicon valley CEOs, CFOs, and VPs. She is adept at helping her clients become better public speakers–with what they say and how they say it–refining the content of their presentations and speaking skills to compete on the world stage.

Marilyn has an enormous capacity for figuring out what makes people tick, their strengths, weaknesses and how they can improve….I was 100 percent pleased with the results. Plus, she’s really really funny!  In my opinion, Marilyn is at the top of her game.
Darrell Brodgon, Kansas Public Radio