Marianne Wilman, Founder & President, Business Presence, LLC

Marianne has combined her passions for personal and professional development with her 20-year career in film, television and online video to bring her vision for Business Presence to life. The transformation that emerges from connecting clients with a team of highly skilled and diverse professionals is the foundation of Business Presence. Marianne’s engagement within the business community and her ability to connect with new and talented coaches, consultants, artists and creatives enables her to offer fresh and customized experiences to inspire clients to reach their full potential at work.

Marianne brings a broad range of experience to Business Presence, having worked as a producer, manager, business owner, entrepreneur, consultant and coach. She began her career as a production manager and producer at BBC Films and then moved to television and casting projects before immigrating to the U.S., where she spent 12+ years as a executive producer, developing teams and creating online video content in science, technology, business and personal finance at CNET Networks and CBS Interactive.

Marianne serves on the Board of BAYCAT, a nonprofit that educates, empowers and employs young adults to produce digital media that tells their unique stories. Marianne has an MPA from Liverpool University, a CPCC from the Coach Training Institute (CTI) and a PCC from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Marianne is a real talent. She can be your secret weapon if you are a small business person or need coaching in your current job or want to explore making career changes. She is a master at helping you push through your own anxieties that get in the way of your success. Her extended team can help you with personal presentation, media, public speaking, appearance make-overs/assessments, wardrobe, etc. She is the real deal and offers a complete package of services for your career success.
Louann Brizendine M.D., Neuropsychiatrist and author: “The Female Brain” and “The Male Brain”