We work with our clients in the ways that suit them best. For some clients we develop an on-going relationship to help them navigate their career opportunities and challenges. For others, only a brief engagement is required to create the transformation they’re looking for. Below are some ways to work with us. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

The pressure on leaders and executives to perform at a very high level is a reality. Being a ‘good enough’ leader isn’t sufficient in today’s fast paced, competitive workplace. Whether it’s identifying blind spots, building emotional and social intelligence or setting and realizing a big vision, partnering with an executive coach is the path to your success. We’ve helped our clients build better relationships, navigate challenging transitions and stretch into promotions as they become more authentic, capable and self-aware leaders.


  • Discover your strengths and areas for growth via guided self assessment, 360 assessment and facilitated debrief
  • Identify development opportunities, set goals, commit to actions, and enhance your capacity for continued growth
  • Increase self awareness of your impact and influence on others
  • Articulate your purpose, clarify professional values and connect with your vision.
  • Explore the value of adaptability, open-mindedness and curiosity
  • Articulate your leadership purpose, clarify professional values and connect others with your vision
  • Build confidence and resiliency as you develop your authentic leadership skills and behaviors

Use cases:

  • Executives in career transitions
  • Executives looking to enhance their self awareness and presence
  • Executives ready to acknowledge blind spots and bridge the gap
  • Managers developing their leadership towards a larger and more complex role

Be authentic, be curious, be your best self. Get Started!


Voice & Presentation Coaching

Giving a speech, speaking on-camera, making a presentation — these all require significant preparation, both in developing the content and polishing the performance. During the consultation phase, the presentation coach and executive producer will review any existing audio or video clips of yours. The first session will focus on refining the content of your presentation, making it succinct, comfortable to say, and engaging for the audience. The next session will guide you through performance techniques including vocal dynamics and non-verbal cues.

By understanding your strengths and areas for improvement and by learning specific tools and techniques, we will help you become an inspiring and entertaining presenter. Sessions are approximately 2 hours in duration and may be in-person, via phone or video conference, and may be one-on-one or in groups.  Average engagement is 2-3 sessions.

Use cases:

  • Executive preparing for an important speech
  • Women who need to sound more authoritative and manage audiences
  • Women who need to kick ‘valley girl’, ‘vocal fry’ and ‘upspeak’
  • Company spokespeople who need to be camera-ready
  • Editors and reporters who are expected to be multi-media savvy

You have something important to say, learn how to say it better!


Wardrobe Upgrade

Looking and feeling professional and confident in your clothes means that you’re focused on what you’re saying and how you’re communicating, instead of how you look. Update your wardrobe with an at-home consultation and, a week later, a fitting. The stylist will be creating and shopping for your new look in between. Keep the items you want, we’ll return the rest. Or meet a stylist downtown to shop for particular items. Honing in on your exact needs and preferences, and determining the best styles and colors are all part of the process. Your experience will be personal, empathetic and empowering.

Use Cases:

  • Aiming for a bigger job
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Going on-camera
  • Making an important presentation
  • Been at the same job for a long time and wardrobe has gone stale
  • Hate going shopping!

Dial in your wardrobe to reduce the stress of daily ‘what to wear’ self-talk!


Hair & Makeup

Making a good first impression with a polished and professional image is critical. Meet for an initial consultation to discover your most flattering hairstyle and discuss easy styling tips and techniques to create a professional makeup application. This may be very natural and ‘barely there’ or it may be a stronger, more defined look. Then arrange follow up sessions for hair color & cut, and a lesson to help you improve your makeup skills. Or fast track in one session at a salon for color, cut and makeup refresher, and have new recommended products sent to your home.  

Use Cases:

  • Going for a bigger job
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Making the case for a promotion
  • A seasonal update

Treat yourself to an image upgrade today!



Having a handful of images of yourself that you truly like is a must. Use different images for company and social media sites and feel confident about the way you’re presenting yourself.

A pre-photoshoot call with the photographer and hair & makeup artist will establish the image you’re going for. On the day of the photoshoot you’ll have up to 90 minutes with the hair & makeup professional to become camera-ready, and they will stay with you throughout the shoot for touch ups. The photographer will deliver 12 images for review. Pick your favorite 6. Final images are delivered in both color and black & white, and in two specs — for online use, and for print. The entire process may take as little as a week.

Use Cases:

  • Company websites
  • Social media
  • Speaker programs
  • Author photographs
  • Dating profiles

To have images of yourself you actually feel good about contact us today!