Client Story: Getting a Handle on the Saboteurs to Get a Promotion

I’m working as a career coach with a young client who is in his first job at a start up. He’s been feeling under-valued and under-appreciated and he’s been working longer and longer days, sometimes putting in as many as 19 hours per day. He’s the strongest individual contributor in his department, always the one management turns to in a crisis.

My client was promised a raise and given a timeline but then his manager left the company. He put his trust in his new manager but was feeling like nothing was happening. He feels competitive with his peers and over time his relationships at work have been taking a hit.

My client’s Saboteurs are very alive. One makes him feel betrayed, another causes him to create trouble by pushing too hard vocally, another makes him passive and unable to follow through.

During coaching we’ve identified and spent time getting to know the Saboteurs — the words they use, when they show up, what gets them going and the impact they have. And we’ve given each Saboteur a name so we now have a shorthand as they show up.

Over the last months my client has been getting more of a handle on his Saboteurs, they’re still present and at times forceful but they’re no longer in the driver’s seat. There’s now more room for his choices, and for smarter and more strategic decisions in the workplace.

During our latest session my client announced that he’d received a hard fought pay rise. He’s also now firmly on a path to a promotion with in-house mentoring and training.