Client Story: Am I Ready to Start My Business?

I’ve been working with a client for the last 2 months, meeting weekly. He’s very creative, thinks strategically and hired me because he’s been excited about starting a business for a while. But, despite his passion, he hasn’t been moving forward in concrete ways. He’s currently working as a creative consultant, but feeling under-utilized. Ultimately, he wants to turn his hobby, which he spends one day a week pursuing, into his full-time occupation.

What’s been so rewarding is how he has responded to exercises and visualizations around values identification, his personal vision statement, his inner wisdom and naming the Saboteur voices that can hold him back. There have been many moments of breakthrough and deep emotion as he sees himself more fully. From this place he makes light work of moving forward with his action steps each week.

This client is now creating a community for himself, based on his new business idea. This is happening easily, he’s being welcomed warmly and his venture is being taken seriously. Smartly, my client isn’t jumping into anything — he’s taking his time to review what he sees as three options for what his new business and his new life may look like. There’s also an ending at his current workplace to work through; leaving the financial security feels risky and saying goodbye to the daily friendships is not easy.

We’re now heading into business coaching which will shape his vision further and make it more real — establishing pricing structures, creating plans and timelines, identifying his ideal clients and doing inventory around his assets. So, is my client ready to start his own business? Well, for now let’s say he’s firmly embracing the Inception phase.