Client Story: Rebranding Yourself Inside a Company

Working with one of our clients recently, we discovered how much help some women executives need in branding, or even rebranding, themselves inside the company. She is a senior-level marketing manager at a Fortune 500 company. She is an accomplished executive, but not an extrovert, particularly, nor a natural performer.

It all started a year ago when her performance at a national sales meeting was flat and her boss asked her to improve. We started with her behavior in small internal meetings and discovered she was looking at her phone instead of paying attention! So we addressed that as we learned more about her insecurities and habits.

Then we discovered that one of her peers was a bit of a bully inside these meetings, and she wasn’t always in command of her part because of it. We worked with her to give her better body language and vocal skills to fend off his interruptions. It worked, but changing someone’s way of presenting and holding court is a process.

We kept working with her to solidify the shift. Our next steps involved an all-day marketing event inside the company that she led. We coached her on content, voice, movement, and appearance. She reported to us that she still got nervous in the beginning and went too fast. But there was progress.

Next, we are working with her on a national sales meeting presentation. She’s understandably nervous because of her shortcomings the previous year, but, after rewriting the PowerPoint to make it more conversational and easier to remember, she is getting to know the material. I have her rehearsing lines just like you would for a play. Practice may not make perfect, but the more you practice, the more confident you feel.

We are committed to her success and will even be at the tech rehearsal the night before to ensure that she’s bringing her best self to the meeting.

Voice & presentation coach Marilyn Pittman & executive producer Marianne Wilman were the Business Presence coaches at this training.