How Women Can Get Ahead By Developing an Authoritative Voice

Women don’t have the deeper resonance in their voices that men do, so they are often challenged to be heard and respected in the way they want or deserve. Understanding your vocal presence and how to control and use it to get your message across is vital to being an effective speaker.

Here are some tips for developing a more powerful and persuasive voice:

  • Learn to breathe from the diaphragm so you have some air in the sound. Exhaling more air through the vocal cords with the help of the diaphragmatic muscles will give your voice more depth, volume, and power.
  • Develop your ability to evaluate your voice by recording it (surreptitiously!) in presentations and then evaluating its strengths and weaknesses. Is it too high? Too nasal? Too fast or slow?  Work on one of these each time you present.
  • Once you’ve found your best pitch and rhythm, learn how to get yourself back to that best vocal place each time before you speak.  For many women this will involve finding a lower range than your usual speaking voice. There are many exercises that can help.

It’s easy to neglect how we sound, taking our voices as a given.  But, spending the time to develop your voice and turning it into a more powerful attribute can be a valuable and underestimated asset in a woman’s career.

Screen Presence Voice Coach Marilyn Pittman provided the information for this post.